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We are a husband and wife team who started out researching and investigating the paranormal. While we were investigating the paranormal, we started researching other topics: Archaeology and Wildlife. Photography began to take a leading edge in what we did. We started taking pictures of anything and everything interesting. Even beautiful scenery took on a new prospective. As our research and investigations continued, we started using more and more equipment. This led us to using and refining equipment in new ways. Please check out our equipment used for each area of research. On our Website you will find articles on the campgrounds, State Parks & State Forests we have visited and camped at in Pennsylvania, how we rank them, useful information about them, and camping tips & recipes. Also, please check out our Road Trips. Here we list where we have, GPS points, and why we went there. If we found anything interesting, we will show what we found and what equipment we used. There will also be specific links for detailed information if it pertains to ghost hunting, Bigfoot or cougars. Getting ready for a new year with lots of places to go - plus we are adding where we have stayed and places we have ate at. Lots of interesting places, locations and pictures from last year will be added. Also our garden and flower beds will be updated thru out the year with tips and pictures of our progress.

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