Mercer County Bigfoot Reports

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  • Closest town Hermitage: November 18: around 8:45 pm Four friends were driving on a very curvy road with woods on either side of the road. The driver and the passenger saw a bipedal creature cross the road very quickly. The creatures hair color was brown and it only took two or possibly three steps to cross the road. The two friends in the back saw nothing.


  • Greenville PA: fall: around dusk: Two boys scouts were playing "capture the flag" and went into the bushes to hide. At that moment they saw a bipedal creature walking away from them. The creature stood about 7 to 8 foot tall and had very long arms with hair the length of an Irish Setter all over it's body.


  • August 1976: Mercer: approximately 7 pm The witness had been sitting on a path for about an hour. He heard thumping on the ground and heard something large running toward him from behind a big tree. When he looked up he saw in the tree leaves he saw a dark colored arm and a leg covered in 3 inch hair.

Mid 70's:

  • Mid 70's: Mercer Swamp: at  nightfall: The witness was deer hunting and shot a deer with a compound bow. When he finally found the deer, the witness heard crackling of branches and low growls. He saw eyes above the ground but could not make out what it was. He cut the hind quarters off and left. When he went back the next day, the guts and the rest of the  deer was gone. All that was left was the blood.

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