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  • North of Clearfield July 15, 2003: It was late in the evening when the witness heard loud garbled sounds,  grunting, and heavy breathing. There was also a very foul stench in the air.  Her 5 English setters were all in their pens hiding. They would not come out  of their pens to see what was going on.
  • Du Bois July 2003: A  mother and son had heard on many occasions a loud bellowing type sound coming  from the woods. Strange odors were also smelled. A large, heavy animal was  heard walking through the woods at night breaking branches and making a lot of  noise as it walked.


  • September 22 2001:   Two men out deer spotting sight two creatures walking down a gas line off of  Kelley Cellar Road on the Rockton Mountain.  They also report hearing  baby crying vocalizations.
  • September 2 2002, Rockton Mountain  near Kelley Cellar Road: PBS members hear heavy  footfalls, branches breaking and a rock is thrown at the group.  No  tracks were found, no animals sighted.
  • June 2002, Rockton Mountain: PBS members discovered several three toed tracks  along route 322 between Clearfield and Du Bois


  • May 13, 2001: 11 am: North of  Clearfield Rockton Mountain: After he investigated rustling in the bushes while hiking, PBS Researcher  Scott Hangartner witnesses a large black colored creature run away from him on  2 legs.
  • May 13, 2001: 5 pm: Rockton Mountain: two females were picking cans up along the road when they thought something  was following them and then they heard a loud ape like sound.
  • March 2001 near Brisban: Man driving to Clearfield on route 153 watches 7 ft  tall brown colored creature cross road in front of his car.


  • Clearfield County: November 2000: A man changing tire on side of road, hears strange screams and yells  coming from the woods on both sides of road.
  • September 2000 North of Clearfield  Rockton Mountain:Two  researchers Scott Hangartner and John Vukovich discover 19 inch track close to  sighting location where woman viewed creature on side of road.
  • September 2000 Curwensville: A woman driving a bus near town of Curwensville watches a  7 ft tall hair covered creature cross the road in front of her school bus while  on her way to pick up children.
  • August 2000  North of  Clearfield Rockton Mountain:  A woman driving home late at night witness a small grey/black colored  creature sitting up against a guardrail. As the woman slowed down, the  creature stood on two legs and stepped over guardrail walking down embankment  and into forest.
  • August 6, 2000: rte 322E: A  woman driving home at 1:301m saw a large creature standing in the tree line by  a road that goes into the State Game Lands. It had long course shaggy hair.  She saw the side of the creatures face and it was puffy and wrinkled. As it  turned to run into the woods it screamed a very piercing scream.
  • August 5, 2000: Three  men hiking in a wooded area near Rockton Mountain,  claim they see a  reddish brown object standing up right.  It appears the creature is  watching them from behind a tree. One witness takes photo.  Photo shows  something large and reddish brown, but is too difficult to determine what it  is due to the distance away. 


  • Near Penfield: October: The witness was  sitting very still, hunting in the woods. He heard a sound behind him, turned  around and saw a creature coming towards him. It stopped about 60 yards away  from the witness. It was about 7 foot tall with black hair, weighing about 400  to 500 pounds.
  • Fall of 1999 near Penfield:  A man was sitting quietly in the woods when he heard the sounds of an animal  approaching from behind. He turned to see a tall, hair covered creature  walking towards him.  The creature stopped within 60 yards of the man and  ran off the opposite direction. The creature stood approximately seven foot  tall and weighed about 400 lbs and covered in black hair.
  • July: 1:30 am: State Rte 153 near  Brisbin: A women was driving home when a creature walked out in front  of her car. It stood around 7 foot tall, had dark brown or black hair and  weighed about 400 to 500 pounds. It crossed the road in 3 strides.
  • February: 8 am: Parker Dam: Moshannon  State Forest: The witnesses were staying in a cabin. The man went to  get some firewood outside when he noticed a tall hairy creature. It stood  about 9 foot tall and had blackish brown fur. When the witness went to where  the creature had been standing he noticed large footprint in the snow. The man  followed them for a while but then went back to the cabin.


  • November: Clearfield: State game  lands: A hunter was in the woods when something started coming towards  him huffing in a deep voice. He knew it was not a sound he had heard before.  As the hunter walked out of the woods the creature kept up with him breaking  tree branches and making a lot of noise, as if to get him to leave the area.


  • December 1991 near Penfield:   A hunter sees a shadowy dark figure in the woods while hunting near the  Penfield Water Supply.  He also smelled a foul odor like decaying flesh.


  • 1985 near the DuBois Reservoir: Two young couples were hiking near the reservoir.  They decided to stop  and build a campsite and a fire.  The two women excused themselves to go  to the bathroom.  While in the woods, they heard movement and began to  smell a rotten egg smell. They quickly returned to camp and told the two men.  The men told them they probably heard a deer.  After a while, it was dark  and the fire was going, the couples began hearing heavy footfalls around the  campsite but could not see the animal or human responsible. They decided to  pack up camp, extinguish the fire and leave.  Whatever was making the  heavy footfalls around the campsite followed them back to the car. The couples  got into the car and turned on the headlights. In the beams of the headlights,  they saw a large hairy creature standing 25 feet away.  It stood 7 to 8  foot tall and was covered in reddish brown hair. The creature had an oval  shaped head, wide mouth, an ape like flat nose. The arms and chest appeared  powerful. The stare down lasted several minutes until it was interrupted by a  loud piercing scream that came from the woods. The creature ran back into the  woods and the couples fled the area.


  • Summer 1983 near MahaffeyA woman riding her ATV at a strip mine claims she spied a  creature sitting on a ridge watching her.  As she approached, the  creature got up and walked into the woods atop the strip mine.  As she  drove to the wooded area atop the strip mine, she discovered several partially  eaten turkeys, as if some animal took large bites out of them.  She found  huge human like footprints near the dead turkeys 


  • January 12, 1977: Curwensville: It was cold  with snow on the ground. At 4 am the witness heard his dog barking fiercely.  The witness found 18" x 12" footprints with either 4 or 5 toes made by a  bipedal creature. He tracked the creature in the snow for about 150 feet  before it disappeared into "thin air". Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.


  • August: 2 miles west of Luthersburg on Rte 410: The witness was riding his bike up and down the road when he noticed what he  thought was a bear walking upright, cross the road. This creature then grabbed  a tree branch to help him up the side of a hill and then grabbed another  branch. The witness then realized a bear could not grab anything. It had dark  brown hair with reddish highlights.

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