Centre County Bigfoot Reports

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  • April 11, 2002 near Mount LoganTrails of  large human like footprints were discovered.


  • July 20, 2001 near Grove Run: A man was  sleeping at his campsite when he was awoken around 3:15 am.  He heard the  heavy footfalls of an animal coming down the hillside towards his campsite.   The animal walked between the witness and the campfire.  The witness saw that  the animal was an 8 foot tall creature covered in glistening long black hair  and walked on two legs like a human.  No facial features were visible. The  arms hung to its knees.  He also heard the creature making heavy breathing  sounds.  The creature continued down the hill towards the creek and  disappeared into the darkness.  Although the man did not feel threatened, he  did feel that the creature was still around and watching him in the darkness.


  • July 1991, near Livonia A woman driving  along route 192 observed a reddish colored creature watching her from a tree.  She described the creature as being 3 ½ to 4 foot tall, weighing about 130 lbs  covered in reddish brown hair like a fox. The two observed one another for  several minutes before the creature walked up a path and disappeared. 


  • January 1970: Centre County: A female witness  reported seeing an ape-like creature leaning against a post along Rte 45. When  the sighting was investigated, footprints 21 inches long and with 3 toes were  found in the snow. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.


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