Beaver County Bigfoot Reports

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  • October 2004, near Pennsylvania Turnpike:  While driving on  Route 60, a woman witnesses three tall hair covered creatures walking across a  field and into a wooded area.  Woman describes different three creatures are  different sizes. 
  • September 2004, near Bradys Run Park:   Man witnesses tall  hair covered creature running through wooded area behind his home.
  • August 2004, near Bradys Run Park: While letting her dog out  for the night, a woman observes a monkey like face watching her from the tree  line behind her home.   Also hears unusual vocalizations around property.


  • Hopewell Township: October 23, 2002 at approx 1 to 1:30 am Some witnesses saw a creature that was possibly a Bigfoot along a creek in  Hopewell Township.
  • Raccoon State Park: October 9 2002 at 10 pm Two witnesses  were camping and as they were sitting around the fire they heard the rustling  of leaves, and then saw red eyes outlined with green staring at them. The  creature was standing behind a four foot log. No odor was smelled. The next  morning the one witness went to where the creature had stood, and from what he  estimated the creature stood around 8 foot tall and possibly weighed around  700 pounds. There were no footprints found but they did notice this same  morning that two softball size stones had been placed on their picnic table.


  • December: 7:37 pm: Monaca near  Rochester: The witness saw a big, ugly, hairy, tall, dark colored  creature. The creature smelled real bad and walked in a long stride. It  weighed around 500 pounds.


  • November 1973: Industry: A newspaper article reported that A  large, hairy creature with glowing green eyes was reported to the police. Submitted  by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon
  • August 27, 1973: Beaver County: Two girls observed a white 8 foot tall hairy creature with red eyes, carrying  a luminescent sphere in its hand. The girls told their father, who went into  the woods after the figure. He returned in a daze. The investigators talked to  him in 1978 and reported that the event had a profound psychological effect on  him. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon
  • Summer 1973: New Sewickley Township: This information came from a newspaper article. A sighting of a large hairy,  gorilla-like creature with glowing red eyes was reported to the police. The  police found 18" footprints in the area. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.


  • Bradys Run Park: April 1962: 7:30 am As the witness was  fishing, about 30 to 40 feet away from him stood what he first thought was a  very large bear. He then realized that this creature was too massive for a  bear, as it stood around 6 foot tall and possibly weighed around 300 pounds.  The creature had light brown hair. It just raised its arms and slipped back  into the forest.


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